Retiring Azure Exams (70-532 & 70-535) in 2019

Retiring azure exams in 2019

Those who are planning to take 70-532 or 70-535 in near future or in 2019, you may have to wait for while. Microsoft has restructured the Azure certifications into more of role based azure certifications. Those who have already pursued the certifications in past or recently, need to take respective transition certifications to get the certifications relevant with respect to new topics and valid after 31st Dec 2018.

Folks who have already scheduled and preparing for the 70-532 & 70-535 exams they can continue to do so as these exams are valid til 31,December 2018. Additionally they need to take transition certifications.

Please read the below link for more details.

Officially this has been updated in respective exam pages in Microsoft learning portal.

This announcement was made recently in Microsoft Ignite 2018 event. And not sure when this changes will be effectively applied in other countries, as currently this info is posted only on US sites, which is missing in other country specific sites. There is no information as such.

And yet it is not updated in learning portal for india But in general, i believe Microsoft will roll out this changes globally soon.

Update (23-11-2018) : Microsoft has updated the learning portal (link) and confirmed that new changes will be effective from 1st Jan 2019, existing exams will be valid til 31-Dec-2018. Please visit learning portal to know more details about the new certifications.

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